Monday 22 Jan 2018
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Aggressive Solicitation by Power Companies for Residences PDF Print
Aggressive Solicitation by Power Companies for Residences

Both the PUC 's Bureau of Consumer Services and the State's Attorney General have issued a caution to citizens after reports of "a rash of overly aggressive and dishonest sales pitches in several PA municipalities from electric providers." Some companies are pushing extremely expensive plans.

The public can go to and the agencies have asked the public to contact them if they are uncomfortable with the sales pitch and if the citizen feels threatened then contact the local police immediately."
Some helpful tips provided by the Office of Consumer Advocate:
  • - Door-to-door - Normally they don't come unless you ask them to do so.
  • - Ask for identification.
  • - Call the company to verify that there are sales people in the area.
  • - Especially if they say they must enter your home.
  • - They must wear a photo ID.
  • - They will not ask for account information until you are ready to make the switch.
  • - Telemarketing - Ask for the name of the supplier.
  • - Ask for the price, other terms and conditions.  Know and compare to your utility price.
  • - Only share account information when ready to make the switch.
  • - Do not feel pressured to make decisions over the phone immediately.
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